Located in Houston, TX

Fiber-Seal Hard Facts About Soft Surfaces CEU

April 1 | 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

“Hard Facts About Soft Surfaces” is a fast moving hour long Power Point presentation whose goal is to educate designers about the fabrics and carpeting they are specifying every day.  The CEU focuses on meeting customer expectations by making the right choices for every installation. This CEU is a basic course in fibers, finishes, fabric types and other basics which can serve as an education for new designers or those who may not have a strong textiles background.  It also works as a “refresher” for those who learned about textile many years ago and would like to update their knowledge base. Other topics covered are dye problems, clean-ability issues, colorfastness codes, flame retard-ency and special finishes. The class is “commercial free” and participants can receive one hour of CEU credit from NCIDQ when they attend the seminar and complete the requirements.

Kurt Falvey has been with Fiber-Seal since 1981 and became the President of Fiber-Seal Systems in 2007.  Kurt co-authored all current technical and training manuals, operational manuals, FIBERFAX, Textile Tips and The Thread. He continues to troubleshoot textile-related technical problems that have been referred by designers, end users and others. He conducts training seminars for Fiber-Seal Owners, Managers, Administrators, Salespeople and Technicians.  He also co-authored the CEU…Hard Facts About Soft Surfaces which he presents around the country.